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DIY Cabinet

Due to compact sizes in our rooms, sorting different things have become hassle for every person. We want cool and compact cabinets to store our useful items in a proper and arranged manner but those are really expensive in the market. If you want to build DIY Cabinet by yourself cheaply then you’ve come to the right place.

Here in this project, We’ll be making cheap yet cool DIY Cabinet out of cardboard box. Enjoy building with us.

Items you need for this project includes:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Glue Gun
  • Wrapping papers (according to your selected color and design)
  • Paper Cutter
Step -1 : Cutting to the correct dimensions

At first, we’ll be making shelves of cabinet. Cut the cardboard boxes into perfect squares to the dimensions of 30 cm * 30 cm. You can have different dimensions according to the size of shelves you need. In total you need 15 pieces to make it stronger.

Step – 2 : Applying Glue

Apply glue to the base of the piece and stick other piece on top of it. Repeat this one more time in order to have 3 pieces joined together to have stronger shelves. In total you’ll get 5 shelves out of 15 pieces you cut down.

Step – 3 : Wrapping

After the gluing process, you’ll wrap your individual shelf with a wrapping paper according to your selection of color and design. I’ll recommend to go with the color scheme of your room so it can merge into your room really well.

Step – 4 : Wall side Bases

Now for the base 2 bases of the cabinet, you’ll be needed to cut down six pieces of the cardboard box to the height of cabinet you want. In this case dimensions are 97cm * 30cm. If you chose different dimensions for your shelves, you’ll need to be improvising bases according to that.

Repeat same process as you did before for the shelves. Gluing three pieces together and wrapping it up to have 2 string bases that will face against the wall.

Step – 6 : Side to Front Cover

Here is the main part that will add up glance and coolness to your DIY Cabinet. The main coverings that will curve from side to the front making it more attractive.

Cut down six pieces for the same dimensions as with for the previous 2 bases. Furthermore, cut down a curve along the length of the piece as shown in the picture above. Repeat same process of gluing and wrapping it up to have 2 coverings.

Step – 7 : Assembly

Now assembling all the parts including shelves and bases. At first, take one shelf and gluing its sides to attach 2 main bases on its sides. Then joins all the shelves equally distant in between with a glue gun to make it more firm as shown in second picture. Lastly, join two coverings on the rest two sides. One covering should be opposite to other to have curly base cabinet.

Voila! All done. You can also check out the video on youtube channel DIY Crafts & Lifehacks by clicking here.

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