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Mehndi/Henna Candle

Mehndi Hena Candle

Things you need

-- large candle
-- mehndi or henna cone
-- small container
-- paint brush
-- transparent glue

Step - 1

lets start with drawing a base guide at the top of candle

Step - 2

now you should have basic idea to draw your design like in this case, draw main guides of flames downwards extending almost to the end

Step - 3

now fill empty inner part with basic design structure and let it dry for about an hour or two

Step - 4

take a glue in a small container and add some water but not too much watery, it should be thick glue and water mixture

Step - 5

when the henna dries, apply mixture of glue on henna not in up/down motion but try to drip on henna or candle part as it will absorb. try using tissues to avoid having mess on table top

Step - 6

as the mixture dries, apply second coat of mixture on it and let it dry for at least 2-3 hours

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