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Screen Printing at home

Step 1: Items you need

Picture of The Supplies

For this project you’ll need :

a shirt or sweater, some fabric paint, an iron, freezer paper, a paintbrush, a design, and a really sharp blade.

Step 2 : Design for stencil

Picture of The Image
Picture of The Image

Take your image (which should be black and white gradient) and place it print side down on the shiny side of your freezer paper. Tape it in place. When you flip it over, it should be visible through the freezer paper on the other side.

Step 3: The Cutting…

Picture of The Cutting...
Picture of The Cutting...

This part takes the longest. Begin carefully cutting out your design from your freezer paper. Keep an eye on “floating” pieces, like this one, and put them aside somewhere safe.  Number really tiny pieces if you’re worried you won’t be able to put them back where they were without help.

Step 4: The Finished Stencil

Picture of The Finished Stencil

This could take a little time but it should be clean if you want your design to be well detailed.

Step 5: Extra Detailing

Picture of Extra Detailing

If you want to add extra detailing, like in my case, sailor stripes, you can use simple things like tape or store bought stencils to add fun effects. I used tape and spray fabric paint to achieve this…

Step 6: Ironing

Picture of Ironing

Now it’s time to secure the stencil. 

Carefully place the freezer paper stencil on top of your hoodie or shirt, wax side down. Once you’re happy with your placement, take a hot iron and press it directly on top of your design. Don’t move it back and forth, like you would if you were really ironing something, just “stamp” it over all areas of your design, pressing a few seconds at a time, until it’s all pressed flat.

With the wonders of freezer paper, the wax side will bond securely to your shirt, but when removed, will leave no residue.

Step 7: Painting

Picture of Painting
Picture of Painting

Spray a generous coating of your fabric paint over your design, covering all the open spaces. I used a piece of extra paper I had around to help mask the spray from the edges. If you don’t have spray on paint, don’t worry. All you want to do here is dab on the paint. DONT BRUSH! You might lift up delicate edges. Just dab the paint till the whole thing is covered..

Step 8: Pulling Off the Stencil

Picture of Pulling Off the Stencil
Picture of Pulling Off the Stencil

Verrry carefully remove your stencil, taking care not to let any excess paint mess up your crisp image. Use your knife to remove really tiny, delicate pieces. Let the paint dry, and follow your paint’s instructions for setting it..

Step 9: Finished!

Picture of Finished!

Your hoodie, shirt, whatever, is done! No one would guess you made it yourself with at-home materials. 🙂

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